Humanitarian Aid

At Insan, we are aware that no amount of assistance could replace a person’s home, country, natural environment, and surroundings; however, basing our efforts on the SPHERE core standards wherever possible, we aim, to the best of our capacity, to provide the urgent and basic necessities required for refugee families primarily in Lebanon, and secondarily in surrounding countries, in partnership with relevant local organisations and networks. Insan has already been able to provide baby formula, clothes, essential medicines and medical treatment, clean water, and food baskets among others.


  • Work towards the core standards as per SPHERE: water supply, sanitation, and hygiene promotion; food security and nutrition; shelter, settlement, and non-food items; health action.
  • Negotiate with hospitals and insurance companies to cover emergency cases of individuals who are not receiving aid from the UNHCR or other donors. Insan has and will continue to financially contribute wherever possible
  • Provide hygiene products to prevent potential afflictions
  • Provide heating equipment, a crucial necessity, as temperatures in the areas within which the refugee tented settlements are situated reach 0°C and below and are covered in snow during winter, especially in the Bekaa and the North