Insan aims to alleviate distress caused by completely substandard shelter, or the complete lack of it. Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, many Syrian citizens have flocked to Lebanon, and those who have no relatives of sufficient amounts of money to pay obscenely inflated rents find themselves under bridges, in the streets, or in makeshift shelters made of mounting cardboard boxes on poles. Needless to say, being found without protection against the weather, especially in winter – most makeshift tented settlements are in areas that are exposed to extreme cold, snow, and flooding – is completely unacceptable and is a transgression of basic human rights.

Thus, Insan has been working on identifying donors and partners to provide basic shelter to the victims of violence. We have thus far been able to provide 700 tents (200 of which were courtesy of ShelterBox), and different forms of housing assistance. Currently, we have identified some plots of land and are working on creating a better-suited area for families, complete with tents, water, and sanitation systems, as well as infirmaries and possibly small stores.

Insan is also expecting to begin a project which will provide a number of women (especially of female-headed households) with trainings on different small income generating projects to support their families. This will also help to reduce negative impacts on host communities.