Providing education and knowledge to those who seek it, especially children and youth, is a core value at Insan. We are staunch supporters of the “pen is mightier than the sword” or gun, or bomb, and condemn leading children down the path of war.
Project Objectives

  • Providing the right of education to Syrian refugee children in Lebanon, a basic human right
  • Reducing the rates of students not pursuing educations (due to the refugee families’ bad financial situations) through coverage of tuition fees
  • Reducing school dropout rates among Syrian refugee students in Lebanon at different public school levels (due to the difference in Lebanese and Syrian curricula) through applying the Syrian curriculum within this project
  • Improving the psychological situation of Syrian refugee students through supporting their access to a safe and more natural environment at school, and providing extracurricular activities as well as psychosocial support where needed
  • Providing job opportunities to Syrian refugee teachers in Lebanon, allowing for an improvement in their financial situations

Since the onslaught of the Syrian crisis, Insan has been working to ensure that Syrian refugee children find schools befitting of their needs, and was successfully able to establish several Syrian curriculum (which differs greatly from the Lebanese curriculum, especially in that most material is taught in Arabic rather than a foreign language, unlike the Lebanese schooling system) schools. Through vast networking with local schools, NGOs, and other partners, Insan’s most recent achievement in the education sector for the academic year 2012 – 2013 was providing schooling and schooling-related necessities for 1,378 students (K-12) worth $642,500 USD.