Between September 2012 and June 2013, Insan, in collaboration with the Development and Regeneration Association, implemented an education project which benefited 1,378 Syrian refugee students (K – 12) in Lebanon.
A grant of USD $642,500, provided by the Assistance Coordination Unit, the Syrian Business Forum, and individual donors, covered tuition, books, school uniforms, backpacks and stationery, teacher salaries, school rent, transportation and buses, and miscellaneous schooling-related expenditures.
Under this project, younger students were enrolled in Lebanese curriculum schools, while the older students, who would find difficulty adapting to the Lebanese curriculum (which differs greatly from the Syrian curriculum) were enrolled in Syrian system schools.
The full report can be viewed here.


Humanitarian Aid
Medical Supplies
During the second half of 2012, Insan, with the support of the Syrian Diaspora Collective, was able to send USD $148,000 worth of medical supplies into Syria to support different makeshift hospitals and two primary healthcare centres.

Food Voucher Distribution

In 2013, in collaboration with the Development and Regeneration Association, food vouchers (USD $50 value per coupon, three coupons per family) were distributed to Syrian and Palestinian refugee families in Lebanon. The vouchers distributed, which were valid for food and basic household and personal items, were worth USD $20,250,000, and were covered by Al Khalifa Bin Zayed al Nahyan Foundation (UAE). Another $1,500,000 worth of alimentary items were distributed within Syrian territory to families in need.

Food Basket Procurement and Distribution

As part of its 2013 Winterisation Project, Insan procured food baskets specifically catering to winter alimentation needs for 6000 Syrian refugee families residing in tented settlements and temporary shelters in Lebanon. Distribution was handled by the Development and Regeneration Association, in collaboration with local partners. The project cost of USD $360,000 was covered by the US - Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) and private donors.

Civil Society and Activist Support
With a fund of USD $100,000 from the Syrian Civil Society Support Coalition, Insan’s seeding CSOs and activists project successfully supported activist meetings and initiatives related to coordination committee meetings, as well as provided trainings and meeting spaces inside Syria, plus office equipment and safe house rent.


Casualty Counts and Documentation
During 2011, Insan documented detainees, detainee families, torture, and casualties of armed violence counts in Bahrain, Gaza, Lebanon, Ramallah, Syria, and Yemen. The project budget of USD $120,000 was covered by LCCI.


Lawyers League for the Defence of Prisoners of Conscience (POCs)
With USD $110,000 from LCCI, Insan supported different human rights lawyers to be legal representatives of POCs in Bahrain, Gaza, Lebanon, Ramallah, Syria, and Yemen. Insan also handled the campaigning and lobbying for the POCs’ release in international corridors and media.


Citizen Journalism and Media Centre
At the beginning of 2013, with a grant of USD $100,000 from the Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives as well as individual donors, Insan was able to provide some required equipment, tools, and basic running costs to grassroots citizen journalists as well as activists running a media centre in the Damascus Suburbs, Syria. The equipment included generators to overcome electricity cuts that hindered work for days at a time, as well as a list of much needed equipment and tools (including web design and development + hosting) to cover events taking place on the ground.


Asylum Cases
Insan has processed a number of asylum cases including victims of sexual violence, women's rights defenders in vulnerable situations, high profile politicians’ families, and human rights defenders subjected to brutal torture, among others. Insan helped each of the individuals find refuge in certain Scandinavian countries. Insan has also defended asylum seekers and worked proactively with international and local partners to prevent the deportation of said asylum seekers from Lebanon.


Between 2012 and 2013, Insan provided 700 tents for Syrian refugee families in Lebanon to use in tented settlements; 200 were donated by ShelterBox, and 500 were bought through private donations worth USD $137,500. The tents all contain the basic necessities of a home, and they are able to withstand extreme weather conditions, a very important attribute given a large percentage of temporary settlements are in the North of Lebanon and the West Bekaa, which can get extremely hot during summer, and covered in snow with sub-zero temperatures in winter.


Backed by notable achievements on this level, Insan continues working with Lebanese members of parliament and civil society to reform the refugee policy adopted by the Lebanese parliament and government.