At Insan, we aim to support and advocate for human rights, development, and democracy values. This is done through direct engagement with, involvement, support, and empowerment of individuals or groups, be they prisoners of conscience, women, children, refugees, and any victims of human rights transgressions.

Insan also believes that ease of access to education - a basic human right - is of utmost importance, and strives to fill the gaps in areas where children are marginalised and given guns instead of pencils.

In light of the significant increase in the number of displaced persons and refugees due to the Syrian crisis and others, Insan cannot ignore the dire necessity of basic human necessities that are going uncovered. Since 2011, Insan has played an active role in providing different types of needed support to activists, as well as humanitarian assistance and relief to internally displaced persons and refugees, through acting as an aid coordination group, and relying on a wide network of partners in Lebanon and the region.