Brief History

Insan, the Arabic word for “human,” is a nonprofit non-governmental organisation founded in Syria and registered in Lebanon (registration number 558) that works on human rights, democracy, and development.

Insan came into existence in 2000, at the hands of human rights defender Wissam Tarif, journalist Samir Kassir (both Lebanese), and education activist Rawda Burhan (Syrian).

Since its establishment, Insan has been operating on a large scale between Damascus and Beirut. The main reason behind its inception was filling a gap in lobbying for the release of Syrian and Lebanese prisoners of conscience held in Syrian prisons.

One of Insan’s most notable achievements was its efforts in 2005, which resulted in the release of the Damascus Spring (2001) prisoners of conscience, with Bashar al Assad holding a meeting for the Arab Lawyers Syndicate to issue a decree releasing the detainees.
Insan’s work has dealt and continues to deal with a number of different projects locally, regionally, and internationally.