Refugee Support

As of Feburary 2014, Lebanon is host to 1.4 million Syrian refugees. Given the continuous violence in Syria, the influx of refugees continues. Many of the families arriving have no means of support, and either end up in temporary settlements, or in rented rooms or apartments that are much too expensive, and often result in the families' resorting to selling humanitarian assistance they have received (among other dire solutions) in order to afford a roof above their heads.

Insan is in constant negotiations with different agencies, organisations, partners (local and international), religious figures, and governmental authorities in order to provide refugees with much needed support.

If you believe you can provide any form of support, please get in touch with us on info[at]insanintl[dot]com.



Since the start of the Syrian crisis in March 2011, Insan has been focusing its efforts on helping Syrian activists, internally displaced persons, and Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Among Insan's more notable achievements are projects in Schooling, Humanitarian Aid, CSO and Activist Support, Casualty Counts, POCs, Asylum, Access to Food, Shelter, and Advocacy. [ more ]


Our Mission

At Insan, we aim to support and advocate for human rights, development, and democracy values. This is achieved through direct engagement with, involvement, support, and empowerment of individuals or groups, be they prisoners of conscience, women, children, refugees, and any victims of human rights transgressions. [ more ]